Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dynamite Fuze 1/10th Brushless System

Here is some rare  pictures of a Dynamite Fuze combo as it comes out of the box. Looked online everywhere and could find very little information on these and decided to take the plunge. Purchased this locally for 89.99 + tax.

The ESC is a fairly small unit..not a Tekin but for a sensored piece it is smaller than my MMP or old Xerun. Footprint slightly larger than a EZrun and considerably smaller than a sidewinder.

The Fuze motor look and feels great, I appreciate that fact the wires can be removed,cut and reattached as my needs change. Spinning the motor reminds me of a CM36 Castle motor and weighs less than a1406 5700KV.

The program card is tiny, especially when laid next to the HW unit. Adjustments include Brake Strength,Drag Brake, Throttle Speed, Start Power, Reverse Power, Run Mode, Motor Timing, Battery Type and Low Voltage Cutoff.

Directions are very clear and presented in 4 languages only one of which can I read 

Does not come with a battery connector so you have to supply your own.

Will Follow up after we do some running later this week.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Traxxas Rustler SRT Edition

Well this started out by picking up a Rustler for my Son to beat on. So a few months in and every time he runs it I want to change something lol.
Long story short I picked up a roller for cheap and I have started the process, currently waiting on the first round of parts to arrive. Purpose of this build is ? Durability, lightweight and improved handling.

Parts List (so far)

STRC: King Pins/ Hinge Pins $17.59
RPM: Transmission $20.59 ebay
Hot Racing: Sealed Diff Unit $22.88 ebay
Integy: Graphite chassis. Was 30.00 locally and felt ok, more on this later :) $55.00 ebay
Integy: CF Front/Rear Towers $57.00 ebay
Castle: 5700KV 1406 and Sidewinder SCT ESC $109.99* already had this in my box
Fast Eddie: Bearing Kit and Screws. $17.00
Kyosho KR200 RX $10.50

Running total = $285.09* Already had electronics for spares.

Gonna try and keep this build less than a VXL Rustler (yeah right) which is currently 324.99 at tower. Thinking this build will be faster, better handling and stronger than the stock VXL

Can see more info at RCU

 After the RPM Transmission Housing and Hot Racing Differential installation. Removed the top deck to start working on the steering assembly.

More next week

Traxxas Electric 4tec

Just picked up a Traxxas electric 4tec. Will make a fun winter project for me and the kids.

Here is a list of upgrades planned.

*Custom Carbon Fiber chassis
*Mild brushless upgrade
* 190mm body
* Hpi Wheels and tires

Pretty simple when you think about it lol